Our team has decades of experience as consultants in higher education, as well as years of previous experience working in the media and as on-campus university communications professionals. We know our way around campus and around the newsroom--and have earned the trust and respect of media and higher-education leaders alike.

We bring time, focus, experience and energy to your university's communications and PR initiatives, and help you obtain greater positive editorial visibility.

Randell Kennedy

Randell J. Kennedy is president and founder of Academy Communications, a national media-consulting agency based in the Boston area and specializing in higher education. Kennedy and his team work closely with higher education institutions coast to coast. They represent these campuses, large and small, as their advocate among key national, regional and international media and provide on-campus training and crisis- communications and message-development counsel.

A former journalist and a national leader in the field of educational media relations, Kennedy previously served as an on-campus media strategist at Tufts University. He is a recognized expert in university crisis communications, and is one of the most experienced and longest-serving media advisors in American higher education. As a consultant he has provided extensive media-relations, crisis-communication and editorial services for more than one hundred of the nation's finest colleges, universities, law schools and educational foundations. Follow him on Twitter: @CampusSources

Our knowledge of higher education and the credibility we have earned among influential media contacts generates powerful results for the client institutions we serve.